DEADLINE for registration – 28th of April, 2024, 24:00.

Doors open and check-in starts 2 hours before the competition.
Check-in closed 1 hour before the competition.

2024-05-04 Saturday

WDSF International Open LA
WDSF Open Youth ST
WDSF Open Senior I ST
WDSF Open Junior II LA
WDSF Open Junior I LA

2024-05-05 Sunday

WDSF International Open ST
WDSF Open Rising Stars ST
WDSF Open Youth LA
WDSF Open Senior III ST
WDSF Open Junior II ST
WDSF Open Junior I ST

Prize money for WDSF International ST/LA

1 place 400 Eur
2 place 300 Eur
3 place 200 Eur